Sandpoint Timbersled Adventures

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Our Full-Day Rides are from (8am to  2:30pm) they are $475

Our Half-Day Rides are from (8am to  11:30am) they are $425

(depending on rider experience and conditioning)

Recommended Items

If you have any backcountry gear, we recommend bringing it. (shovel, probe, beacon, backpack, etc)

An extra pair of gloves is a great thing to have.

Extra food and water is highly recommended as this is a physically demanding sport

Required Equipment

Full face DOT helmet (required, bring your own or rent one from us) – $50

Waterproof snow clothes. Ski or snowboard gear work great or a full snow suit.

Waterproof snow gloves and boots. Snowboard boots, Sorel style boots and other waterproof boots work well.

Snow goggles. Standard single pane lens moto goggles are not useable as they just fog up.


What to wear while snowbiking in the backcountry

We get asked all the time. “What should I wear for snowmobiling?” We hope the below information will provide the answers.
It’s All About Layers

When it comes to Snowmobile Clothing, it’s all about layers. Layers provide extra protection from the elements but also allows you to change for varying weather conditions. Though similar to what you wear while skiing, you should pack for extra warmth as the wind chill factors from your moving snowmobile require a little more protection.

Avoid Cotton

The number one rule when it comes to layers is to avoid cotton materials. Cotton only absorbs moisture which can later freeze. You want a good moisture wicking material such as fleece, wool, polyester, or a synthetic-blend.

Start with a Base Layer

Your first layer needs to be polyester or synthentic. A long underwear top and bottom or a “onsie” is what you’re after. After the onsie, a good midlayer and an inner top layer are your goto’s.

Waterproof Outer Layers

Your outer layers can consist of your ski jacket and ski pants. You’re going for heavy waterproof and windproof material. An in ideal world, you would have a specific snowmobile suit from companies such as Klim or FXRracing. We currently offer Castle X products for rent in the shop.



What to Expect When Renting

Rentals can be picked up at 8am and must be returned by 2:30pm for a full day and by 12:00 pm for a half day. A late fee is incurred for any rentals not returned back by these times without prior notice. Discounts are available on multi-day snowbike rentals.

There is a rescue fee of $200/hour per employee who has to retrieve stuck or damaged bikes. Renter is responsible for any damage incurred during their rental period and is charged for up to three days worth of rentals if the bike cannot be fixed immediately. A $1500 deposit is taken at the time of reservation.

We highly recommend you carry our “Recommended Items” with you if you rent timbersleds out. Please let us know if you would like to rent any “Recommended Items” for your trip.


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